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Ceylan Branda

Ceylan Branda Industry Trade Limited Company has been serving since 1980. As in every sector Ceylan Branda San. Tic. Ltd. Sti. so far it has come to this day with certain steps.

Our company aims to move this sector forward with its 3rd generation since its first founder. In addition to participation in domestic and international projects, our company designs, analyzes, produces and assembles suitable product projects. We are a company that produces the right product and presents it to our customers by integrating our quality with technology by using its long years and experiences.

We continue to offer you the best service without compromising our understanding of QUALITY and TRUST.


Ceylan Branda has 1000 m² Closed and 400 m² Open Production Area. In our modern and technologically integrated production facility, we complete our R&D studies in our fabric, steel, aluminum and printing workshops and make them suitable for production at international standards. Ceylan Branda, which gives importance to development and innovation by closely following technological developments, uses the parts developed by leading manufacturers operating at international standards with the latest technology in all its products. Products pass tests are checked, packed and shipped. We Provide Installation and Service to End Consumers.

  • Moving Roof Systems
  • Awning Systems
  • Suspended Tension Structures
  • Glass Systems
  • Vehicle Awning Systems
  • Roofed Articulated Awning
  • Bellows Awning
  • Umbrellas

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Our Vision

Ceylan Branda; to be an organization preferred by pioneers, leaders, employees, consumers, suppliers and customers.

It will achieve this by adopting innovative, humanitarian and quality-oriented principles, participatory management and competitiveness, the use of modern production technologies and information systems, and effective, efficient resource management.

Our Mision

Ceylan Branda; is a permanent, respected and responsible company that lives with the philosophy of community quality and adopts justice as a principle.

It provides high quality and healthy products to consumers by using advanced technology with the principle of customer satisfaction. It contributes to the society and economy it lives with the added value it produces.

All of this is achieved through continuous improvement of living standards and emphasis on the happiness, communication and team spirit of dedicated and dedicated employees.

Our experience

Experience - 40 yıl
Customer Happiness - 40 yıl
Technology - 20 yıl
Arge - 10 yıl
Architectural - 8 yıl